too weak to be your cure (memoria99) wrote,
too weak to be your cure

you know... sometimes (a lot lately)... i really, really miss fpc. and everyone there. and the good times... you know? and its weird b/c my last semester there was so tough. i was so busy. i didnt even really say bye to anyone before i left... you know? so it feels weird right now. b/c i really wish i could walk down the hall and know that someone would be awake in one of the dorms to talk to, just like freshmen year. i miss that about dorm life.

fpc was always my nice little escape. when things got too fucked up in swansea. when i really just needed someone to talk to. when i needed to get away. and now... i mean, i am really in swansea full time. and its ok. it really is. i love my friends. i love it here. i'm finally at the school i've always wanted to be at. but...

i dunno.

sometimes i feel like a field trip to rindge would do me so much good.

b/c sometimes i miss it so much more than i ever thought i would.
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