too weak to be your cure (memoria99) wrote,
too weak to be your cure

when you talk, it's just a joke...

and now for the public entry.... lol.

last night i went to dave & buster's w/ the hilo crew (cait, tasha, dave, chris, mike, alie, rob, jess p, brenda, her husband ron, roger). this was a hilariously awesome time. i really do love my friends. tasha is the best person to get drunk w/ ever b/c we just have such hilarious times... including spying on certain people and winning mike lots of tickets, despite the fact that we didnt know how to play any games. hahaha.

so it was another fun and crazy night in the life of jess. i umm... came home at 6.15am, changed my clothes, went to seabra for 7am, and then worked until 3.30. all nighters are the best sometimes. as long as they are spent w/ good people.

needless to say, i am pretty tired, b/c i have yet to sleep. lol.

it is going to be a good summer. i just have a feeling.
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