too weak to be your cure (memoria99) wrote,
too weak to be your cure

everyone knows i'm in over my head...

cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. currently taking a little break but... yeah. i'm sure my mom will be happy to come back from texas and find the house spotless. not that it was ever messy. it's just little things. but... it definitely could be worse.

for a weekend that should have sucked... it didnt.

i mean, i stressed about this weekend for awhile due to certain people. and then friday i got news that pretty much made me want to kill certain other people.

but... like i've been saying for months now... people surprise you, i guess. they really do.

i'm still uncertain about a lot of things. especially when i'm sitting around by myself, you know? but that's gotta be expected. i just need to go day by day and let things play out however they do. whatever, you know?

i dunno. how's that for something vague?

probably should get back to cleaning, since i have work at 3.30.
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