too weak to be your cure (memoria99) wrote,
too weak to be your cure

so... it's been almost six years since i started this thing.

i've kept it so long b/c i feel like so much of me is in here. that even if i don't use it... it's important.
and a lot of it really is.

anyway, i think i'm done w/ livejournal for real. i dont have the time. i dont have the desire. i dont have the need for it i used to. i dunno. i guess at some point i just outgrew it. i dont think i even wanted to... but i did.

so. gonna go through all six years. save the entries worth saving. and then thats the end of memoria99. i would keep it, just to read my friends page, but i dont have the energy to go back and make all my entries private. it would be quicker to read and save what matters, as opposed to reading and editing every single entry.

so thats that.

i just dont need it anymore.
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